Building A Custom Hat:
Workshop with Havstad Hat Company


Learn how to build yourself a custom designed and custom fitted lifetime quality hat. Participants will learn basic hat making skills using original, early 1900s hatters equipment and using methods that have been passed down from generation to generation of hatters.

The workshop is limited to 5 participants each weekend, so that she can give proper one-on-one instruction and attention to each participant, so together we can create the hat of your dreams which will last you not only your lifetime, but will be passed on to the next. 

Each participant will get to choose the color of their 100x Premium beaver felt, what they would like to stamp on their sweat band in gold foil, the color of silk liner, style of hat shape they will be creating, and hatband they will adorn on their handcrafted creation. Participants will also be taught basic hat maintenance tricks and at home DIY skills.


March 24 & March 25, 2018: 9am – 5pm (ish)
Course Fee, materials included: $1200