Building the Staked Bench


In this 2 day class, Tom will teach you how to make a simple and strong sittin' bench, using only a few basic hand tools and traditional techniques.

We'll start by walking to our local sawmill to see how Jim turns trees into slabs, learning how to select good wood for the job. You'll pick out a slab and hand plane it into a seat, then form the legs on a shaving horse using drawknives and spokeshaves. Finally, you'll assemble the bench using a tapered mortise and tenon joint that's glued and wedged for durability. Your finished bench will seat 2-3 people. If you work quickly, you'll have the chance to build a second bench for the Prairie Mountain Folk School. Benches will be finished in milk paint or linseed oil - it's up to you.

Be ready to work hard - great strength is not needed, but good general physical condition is advised.

March 29th & 30th, 9-5pm
Course Fee: $125 Material Fee: $40
Course limited to 10 students