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Shibori Picnic: Dyeing & Tying the Furoshiki
August 5th

With Adriana Moreno


Branch To Mouth: Spoon Carving
2 Sessions Available
September 1 & September 8 

With Tom Bonamici

Necessary & Useful: Constructing a Shaker Stool
September 9th & 10th

With Tom Bonamici

Prairie Mountain X Cabin Love
Japanese Style Timber Frame
August 19th - 26th

With Tom Bonamici


Weaving & Sense of Place
September 2nd

With Francesca Capone

Preserving Summer:              
A Community Canning Event
September 9th 

With Lynne Curry

Wilderness Perfume: 
Juniper Ridge Field Lab
August 27th

With Hall Newbegin


Porch Sitting Society: Constructing a Rietveld Chair
September 3rd

With Tom Bonamici

Fermentation for Beginners: Kimchi & Sauerkraut
October 8th 

With Lynne Curry